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Virtual Worlds
Do you like art and design?  Do you like sci-fi & fantasy?
Create your own Sci-fi pictures at home with the Spacejetters
‘Virtual Worlds’ Bryce templates

“so addictive.... the Spacejetters ‘Virtual Worlds’ templates allow you to create unique and exciting pictures that can be put to use in many different ways”

We have over 120 sci-fi templates which can be used with Bryce 5 , Bryce 6 and Bryce 7 software
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If you’ve ever used 3D software you know how difficult it can be to produce unique and interesting pictures. With the Spacejetters ‘Virtual Worlds’ templates, anyone can produce stunning designs using the templates and models provided.

Create designs like these with ease! 

Each one of these designs was produced in around 30 minutes using Bryce + templates + Photoshop!




Software CD cover


Invitation and greetings card


Framed print


Event poster


Music CD cover

So how does it work?
Simple! Just choose any one of the custom designed templates and change the composition within Bryce to create your own design. You can also interchange models between templates or change the look of any model you use by importing the freely available presets provided by Spacejetters

Save and import the models into different templates to produce an endless variety of designs! Your design can then be saved in .bmp format, touched up with your favorite graphics program and printed out ready for framing, or use to create your own calendars, CD covers, posters, video sleeves,  t-shirts, greetings cards and invitations etc.

(To see how easy it is take a look at the latest Spacejetters tutorial click here)

The ‘Virtual Worlds’ templates are now available online from the 3D Space Models website