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Creating sci-fi pictures  - Follow the Spacejetters Bryce tutorials on how to create dynamic sci-fi pictures using Bryce and 3D space models.

Introduction to Modeling 3D Characters
A tutorial that shows how to create realistic or cartoon-like characters using Lightwave.

Creating underwater scenes - Learn how to create underwater scenes using Bryce

Poser Model Maker’s Guide - Find out how to create your own custom figures using Poser and this excellent guide available to download in PDF format.

Lightwave tutorials - A selection of tutorials for Lightwave modellers and animators www.newtek.com/lightwave/tutorials/

Organic modeling in Bryce - A simplified tutorial on how to create organic models using Bryce to produce ‘Giger’ like pictures.

Explosion tutorial - Produce an amazingly realistic explosion effect using 3D Studio Max

Brycean Trees - A method for creating trees in Bryce with lattice objects.

Bryce Tutorials - Over 20 Bryce Tutorials including dressing up dxf models, creating galactic backgrounds and producing planetary rings.

Poser Hair tutorials - Tutorials on working with hair in Poser and related applications.

Nurbs: Head Modeling - Very useful tutorial showing how to model a human head using nurbs. Can be used in most 3D pro modeling applications.

Modeling a Dinosaur - An introduction to modeling a dinosaur using Lightwave.

Plant tutorials - A selection of illustrated and downloadable plant and tree tutorials for users of Vue d’ Esprit software.



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