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Official website uncovering government secrecy and conspiracies including - Area 51, Star Wars, NSA Echelon, Roswell, aliens, cattle mutilations, abductions, UFOs, and Dulce
Award winning UFO site with pictures/photographs, Roswell 1947, Area 51, Crop Circles, Abductions, Brazilian Roswell (Varginha 1996), The Moon Landing (Apollo Hoax), Conspiracy Theories, Aliens/EBEs, Paranormal..

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Spacejetters - Alien, UFO and abduction site. Information on everything extraterrestrial.

Ufo casebook - Classic UFO case files, landings, crashes, sightings, Alien abductions,

Crowded Skies - UfO and alien research based in London, with ufo and alien related files, ufo and alien anatomy, alerting the population to the reality of UFOs and aliens.

Hypnosis and Alien Abduction - Rational look at UFO sightings and alien abductions

CSETI - The Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence

Alien - Alien abduction, resistance and counseling to make it stop.

Alien-UK - UFO alien conspiracy. Includes details of UK government records sightings.

International Center for Abduction Research - The International Center for Abduction Research features UFO abduction research by David M. Jacobs, Ph.D.

Alien War - offers critcal information on why the UFO Aliens are here, what it is the UFO Aliens want, and why the UFO Aliens are abducting humans!

Faked or Fiction? - A fascinating look at the ‘Alien Autopsy’ that made headline news.

Alien Scalpel - Angels or aliens? What were people reporting in the bible thousands of years ago? Are aliens really from other worlds? Where is the evidence?

MAAR - Malevolent Alien Abduction Research - an interactive site with abduction accounts

Alien abuductions - Alien abductions case histories. Famous abduction cases.



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