Bryce 7
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Features in Bryce 7

Bryce 6 combines powerful rendering and creativity tools with an easy to use interface that makes it a doddle to create stunning 3D artwork in double quick time. Version 7 comes with enhanced OpenGL display modes as well as a redesigned network renderer. Bryce users will also have the option to use the DAZ Studio character plugin. This will allow you to add a wonderful choice of 3d characters, props, wildlife and more to your designs.

Get creative

By using the Bryce ‘Terrain Editor’ you can quickly create realistic landscapes and seascapes with a wide variety of built-in configurable presets that allow you to design your own skies, rocks, clouds, water, fog, and architecture.The Daz website has this to say... “All of your favorite DAZ and Poser content can easily be added to any Bryce scene you imagine with easy editing and updating..... . Whether you're designing for print, multimedia, video or the Web, Bryce provides you with the tools to literally create a world of your own”

Also of great benefit is the integrated ‘Tree Lab’ which gives you the ability to add trees into your landscape and control the vegetation to meet your own requirements. With this amazingly useful feature you can determine the tree type, branch density, leaf or needle density, as well as the colour. Another great feature is the ‘Light Lab’ which gives you exceptional control over lighting your objects and landscapes. By using the light lab you can control the direction, intensity and tinting from one or more light sources.

More power!

The Bryce render engine has been optimized to improve render time processing which can only mean good news. CPU usage has also been refined so that when you minimize Bryce 7 the percentage load on your system’s CPU drops to allow other programs to run without major performance hits. Daz states that render times will vary from an average of 30% faster to some scenes that render over 150% faster without loss in quality.

In conclusion

Whether you’re an amateur 3D enthusiast seeking an affordable solution to bring your creative ideas to life, or a professional designer looking for a powerful and easy to use 3D program that will provide a useful addition to your arsenal of designer tools, Bryce 7 has the capability to produce the goods with it’s exceptional power and ease of use.

To get some idea of how powerful and creative Bryce can be why not visit the Bryce Gallery at the Daz website.

Some of the images you see were created by combining the 3D capabilities of Bryce and the graphics power of Photoshop to produce these astonishing results. All it takes is imagination and the right tools.


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