Dega Prime

Within the space of 100 years, Dega Prime has trebled it`s military strength and become a force to be reckoned with. History tells us that Degans are a proud race and don`t always conform readily to the strict rules of the Federation alliance.

Their volatile relationship with the Madagon civilisation often results in military skirmishes which conravene the peace initiative. Worries over these increasingly regular clashes are causing concern throughout the galaxy.

Dega Primesí natural resources are beginning to run low, while their population almost doubles each century.

Being a relatively small world, about half the size of Earth, itís scientists believe that within 50 years there wonít be enough food or living space to sustain itís inhabitants. Having no moons or developing off-world colonies to speak of, many people are prophesising that the Degans are ready to strike out and rock the cradle of peace in an all out effort to survive.

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