Central headquarters
for communications
and operations to the
World Space Corps
on Earth

Earth is a relative newcomer to the United Worlds Federation.
Being situated on the outer rim of the galaxy, over 500 years of space travel had passed before first contact was made, and 300 more years before Earth joined the federation.

Now, using highly advanced technology and physics, faster than light travel has become a reality. Galactic exploration, as well as regular flights to other worlds, is now a way of life for the World Space Corps and the larger independant space travel corporations such as IST and World Spaceways.

Since the Great War of 2074, and the resulting peace amongst nations that followed, Earth has seen huge social and technological changes.

The World Peace Conference of 2100 finally brought about the historical Unification of Nations legislation which has remained in effect to this very day.

Without the combined United Nations of Earth ruling under one central government, Earth would not be the safe and powerful world it has now become.

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