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Free 3D models for Bryce and compatible 3D programs

Spacejetters 3D models are now available in 2 different formats. The models come without textures allowing more flexibility to create your own designs. The four example pictures below were created using Spacejetters 3D models and Bryce 3D rendering software. However, the models can also be used with other 3D programs such as Vue d’Esprit, Lightwave and 3D Studio Max depending on which model format you choose  The models are available in two different file formats as an electronic download, both of which can be imported into Bryce as well as Vue d’Esprit. The .3ds format can also be used with 3D Studio Max and the .lwo format can be used in Lightwave.

The three free models below are available in.3ds format and are free to download for you to try out and use in Bryce 4, Bryce 5, Bryce 5.5 or Vue d’Esprit. They are in .3ds format only but are also available in .lwo format when purchased along with the complete Spacejetters 3D model collection. You can also download one of the free Bryce hull materials to use with your free 3d models. Simply click on the images below to download each model and hull material file.

free 3d models free 3d model free 3d models free Bryce 5 material for 3d models

When you purchase the Spacejetters 3D model collection you can immediately download 70 more 3D models including spacecraft, robots, vehicles and buildings which allow you to create a huge variety of designs for just £9.95 / $17 US (prices may vary slightly due to exchange rate) Online tutorials are also available to help you get creative. A collection of 36 free spacecraft hull materials for Bryce 5 users are also now available with all new confirmed orders. When ordering your Spacejetters 3D models please choose either (.lwo) (Lightwave) format or .3ds (Studio Max) format, both of which are compatible with Bryce and Vue d’Esprit.

To order the full Spacejetters 3D models collection
please choose a link below to pay by Pay Pal or credit card

.lwo format

.3ds format

The following pictures were created with models from the Spacejetters 3D model collection imported into Bryce 5 and using custom material presets designed for using with Bryce 5 - all of which are provided free with the 3d models supplied by Spacejetters. Many more 3D sci-fi images created in Bryce using our sci-fi models can be seen online in the Spacejetters galleries and The Museum of Intergalactic Art and Planetarium.