One of the original founding members of the Federation, Madagon is a world full of technological marvels.
Interstellar travel was only made possible through the ambitious efforts and successful scientific developments funded by the Madagonian government. Now, with interstellar travel commonplace throughout the galactic community, other worlds have caught up with Madagon`s technology, but few have remained as firmly in control.
On many worlds organised crime has quickly taken advantage of these new innovations.

Madagon however, still has one of the most powerful armed forces in the Federation. On many occasions the Madagon government has flexed it`s muscles during various confrontations with non-conforming worlds who have threatened the stability of the galaxy. Unfortunately, Madagon`s nearest neighbour Dega Prime has rapidly developed it`s own, equally powerful armed force and is not averse to testing the patience of the once almighty Madagon government.

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