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New Scientist - The ultimate science and technology website that includes daily coverage of the latest science news from around the world as well as hot topics and interviews.

NASA - The official website of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

ScienCentral News - Very informative site for the latest news in the world of science and technology, with stories that also appear on local TV news

Biology Online - dedicated to the field of biology and the biological sciences. - explains the latest research on the planet, from human biology to the animal world and the forces of Nature..

EurekAlert - Get all the latest news from the world of science and technology.

Molecular Expressions - This site features hundreds of photomicrographs of everything from superconductors and high-tech materials to ice cream and beer. - SpaceRef is a space news and reference site which includes space exploration and missions, a space calendar of events, interactive space news and more.

Hubblesite - Spectacular pictures, news about discoveries, telescope facts, astronomy education resources, games, and a multimedia trip through time.

Dive and Discover - Expeditions to the seafloor - Join scientists as they dive to the mid-ocean ridge thousands of meters deep. - Comprehensive website devoted to the latest news on space missions, astronomy, technology and entertainment.

Astronomy Today - Articles on astronomy, cosmology and space exploration, with a regularly updated sky guide plus the latest space news.


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