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Paper Tiger
Paper Tiger is a publishing imprint which embodies the concepts of science fiction and fantasy art through illustrations, by leading world artists.

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Museum of Intergalactic Art
Visit the virtual art galleries and museum of the Museum of Intergalactic Art. Also includes a planetarium of fictional worlds.

Sf & fantasy artists directory
The Ultimate Guide to Science Fiction
The ultimate guide to Science-Fiction, Fantasy, Space and Surreal art on the Net.
Lots of links to numerous artists.

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Ralph McQuarrie - Best known for his superb and pre-production artwork for the original and hugely popular Star Wars films.

H R Giger - The official WebSite of swiss surrealist H.R.Giger whose work includes the unique designs created for the ‘Alien’ films.

Fred Gambino - Top British sci-fi and fantasy illustrator whose work has adorned hundreds of book covers in the UK and abroad.

Rodney Matthews - The Rodney Matthews website which displays some fine examples of his sci-fi and fantasy artwork, also available to buy in the form of posters and art books.

David Mattingly - Artwork of David B. Mattingly whose variety of work includes album covers, book covers and working in the Disney matte department.

Michael Whelan - The official web-site of legendary science fiction and fantasy artist Michael Whelan. Here you will find an Online Gallery, Store, Bio and more...

Syd Mead - More of a futurist and conceptual artist than a sci-fi illustrator. Syd Mead’s artwork displays incredible style with it’s glimpses into the world of tomorrow.

The Brothers Hildebrandt - The official website of Greg and Tim Hildebrandt whose work has appeared on numerous book covers, calendars, posters and movie posters for films.

Dawid Michalczyk - The science fiction, fantasy and space art of Dawid Michalczyk - who uses computerised digital art to showcase his talents.

Chris Moore - Chris Moore is a successful British illustrator who excels at science fiction. His work has been used on book covers, record covers, magazine covers and calendars.

Boris Vallejo & Julie Bell - The official website of fantasy illustrators Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell. See some of their fantastic work which is also available to buy on CD rom.

Larry Elmore - Cover artist for the original Dragonlance book covers. Many examples of his fine work can be seen in the galleries at his website.



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