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An online guide to the magazine Cinefex which is devoted to examining the very latest in
 movie special effects

The website of Starlog magazine that brings you the best in science-fiction and fantasy-related news.

UK magazine which covers all areas of Sci-fi and fantasy including TV, movies, books, games,
comics and collectables.

Starburst Magazine
Starburst: the ultimate guide to Sci-Fi & Fantasy since 1977. Covers everything from Star Wars, Star Trek and Stargate to Batman and Buffy,
plus new blockbusters.

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Star Wars - The official Star Wars site is packed with information about the Star Wars universe. Read the latest news, join the Star Wars community or visit the online shop.

The Film Asylum - Takes a look at genre cinema such as horror, sci-fi, fantasy and low budget films. Includes news, reviews, articles, competitions, trivia and a forum. - Multimedia collection on the greatest science fiction movies ever made. Offers sci-fi merchandise and FREE movie reviews.

Blade Runner The Replicant Site - Very informative site packed with details about the movie including memorable quotes, details of the high tech props and stills from the film.

Action-Cut-Print - Good site for filmmaking resources, with links to information about filmmaking, sound design, special effects, scripts, scriptwriting, stunts and more.

Scifilm - A website devoted to special effects movies, especially science fiction and fantasy films.

The Internet Movie Database - The IMDb is the ultimate online movie database covering over 200,000 titles and 750,000 people with facts, trivia and reviews. - Read the latest news from the world of science-fiction entertainment.

The Forbidden Zone - Visit Planet of the Apes: The Forbidden Zone for articles, photos, video, and sound clips of the original Apes movies, TV shows, and comics.

Sound design - Read about the sound design of science-fiction films including articles on the sounds used in Star Wars, Terminator, Star Trek, Lost in Space, The Fifth Element

Industrial Light & Magic - The official website of George Lucas’ special effects company Industrial Light & Magic.

Dark Horizons - Get the latest news and reviews plus images and clips of newly released and upcoming blockbuster films.


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