Terra IV

Terra IV is largely uninhabited, save for a few thousand settlers and miners who work for the Dingle Corporation. This privately owned company, passed down through ten generations of one of the wealthiest and highly respected families in the Dargoon system, laid claim to this rocky wasteland when it was discovered to contain trace minerals of tutronium, one of the hardest substances in the known universe. Terra IV however is mostly unexplored, and is rarely visited by outsiders except for the annual speeder race. 

After negotiations with the Dingle Corporation prior to the 100th anniversary of the Cunarium Intergalactic Games, Terra IV became the prime location for the insanely popular ‘All Comers Independant Speeder Race’ which is open to qualifying entrants from all members of the alliance of federated worlds.
This incredibly exciting event, lasting over 3 days of non-stop exhilerating action is one of the true highlights of the games, and an unmissable event.

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