Bryce Tutorial 2 - creating ‘The Race’


The second 3D tutorial on how to create your own sci-fi pictures using Bryce demonstrates how good Bryce is at producing landscapes quickly and effectively. Once again the models used in this design are taken from the Spacejetters 3D models collection.

Step 1

The idea for this design was inspired by the surrounding landscape of the pod race scene in Star Wars:The Phantom Menace. To begin with I set the document size to 842 x 595 which is equivalent to A4 landscape format.


Step 2

Next, I created a mountainous ridge using the terrain editor in Bryce. The editor (see fig.2) can be used to sculpt and refine all the terrain objects in the scene.
A few rocks were then added to complete the arrangement.


Step 3

A quick render will show the basic composition in clearer detail before the chosen textures are added. The rocky texture which can be seen in fig.3 was chosen from the Bryce presets and added to all the rocks and terrain objects.


Step 4

I gave the ground a simple sandy coloured texture and the sky was adjusted using the cloud control to give a more dramatic effect. Another fine adjustment was made using the ‘haze’ tool in the sky palette to add more depth to the scene.


Step 5

After importing the ‘flitter’ craft from my Spacejetters model collection and placing it in the scene, I used the ‘rotation tool’ in Bryce to get the angle right, I did another render and decided to adjust the background slightly. The upper rocks were enlarged and the landscape was moved very slightly further back to make the flitter more pronounced.


Step 6

The next stage saw the addition of a further two craft in the background, plus the rear end of one in the foreground. A rusty metal plate texture was then added to the flitter.
I then decided to pull the background forward again which I felt improved the overall composition. Getting the composition how you want it however, is just a matter of taste, and you could easily spend hours moving objects around and re-arranging the viewpoint of the camera until you get the final design just the way you want it.


Step 7

The final render was once again saved as a bitmap and loaded into Photoshop for a few extra embellishments. These included the smoky trails, the cockpit and a number of other small details which you can probably spot if you look close enough.

Finally, the brightness and contrast was also enhanced to improve the final result.



Just to give you an idea of how dramatically the sky presets, lighting and change in textures can
affect the design, here`s a few more versions of the same scene

Picture Picture Picture


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