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U.S. Department of Defense
Information on UFO investigations from the United States Department of Defense

Official website uncovering government secrecy and conspiracies including - Area 51, Star Wars, NSA Echelon, Roswell, aliens, cattle mutilations, abductions, UFOs, and Dulce

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Mufon - Official web site for MUFON, the Mutual UFO Network. An international scientific organization seriously studying the phenomenon known as UFOs.

UFO Evidence - one of the Internet's largest sources of quality research and information on the UFO phenomenon.

Alien Observer - Report UFO sightings, explore information covering the alien and UFO enigma.  Lots of links, UFO report form, paraphernalia, discussion board.

Ufo casebook - Classic UFO case files, landings, crashes, sightings, alien abductions, www.ufocasebook.com

National UFO Reporting Center - Comprehensive and up to date UFO information provided by America's foremost UFO reporting agency.

UFO Seek - UFO Seek is the most comprehensive paranormal and UFO search engine.

BUFORA - The website of the British UFO Research Association which comprises of a network of  people, who have an interest in UFOs.

Ovnilab dreamland UFO - The Original UFO Anthology CD-ROM for sale. Hear exclusive, airline pilot UFO sighting audio recordings.

*U* UFO Database - Home site of the  *U* UFO Database, Mapping and Research Tool

Ufo Info - Ufo Info has regular news plus bulletins are archived on the site for research purposes. There’s also information on UFO Organizations, conferences, plus much more.

UFO Disclosure - the premier site for news and scientific truth in UFO Disclosure.

The Oz Files - Bill Chalkers the Oz Files is about the Australian Government and Military UFO files with official documents and original photos and drawings of encounters with Unidentified Flying Objects and beings.


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