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Close Encounters of the Third Kind
Close Encounters of the Third Kind is Steven Spielberg's extraordinary film about a man named  Roy Neary (Richard Dreyfuss) who, after encountering an unexplainable phenomenon one night, becomes obsessed with discovering more, to the dismay of his wife and family. Legendary French filmmaker François Truffaut plays the head of a government agency hoping to attract the aliens to an isolated mountaintop in this unforgettable sci-fi thriller.
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Forbidden Planet
When a space cruiser from Earth lands on a planet orbiting a distant star in the year 2257, the crew encounter itís remaining inhabitants, Professor Morbius (Walter Pidgeon), his bewitching daughter, and his obedient robot Robby As the story develops, the professor is plagued by his mad quest for knowledge through his "brain booster" machine, a product of a long extinct intelligent race, while the crew find themselves in a battle with an invisible creature that possesses terrifying powers.
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The Day the Earth Stood Still
When a spacecraft lands in Washington, D.C., carrying a messenger from another world (Michael Rennie) he imparts a peaceful warning to the people of Earth to cease their violent behavior or suffer the consequences. Unfortunately, when panic ensues, the messenger is shot by a nervous soldier and is confined to a hospital bed from which he eventually escapes. While his giant robot companion guards his ship, the messenger spends his time blending into society to observe humans and their strange ways.
Stars Michael Rennie and Patricia Neal
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2001: A Space Odyssey
A four-million-year-old black monolith is discovered on the moon, and the government sends a team of scientists on a fact-finding mission while hiding the truth from the public. In a ship controlled by the HAL 9000 computer, another team of astronauts are sent to Jupiter to investigate a similar object which also mysteriously appears, but during the mission something goes terribly wrong.
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Blade Runner
Set in the bleak future in the overcrowded and polluted city of Los Angeles, Deckard (Harrison Ford) a semi-retired cop, known as a "blade runner," is assigned to hunt down and eliminate four potentially dangerous, genetically derived androids known as "replicants" who posses great strength and intelligence. The androidsí leader, Roy Batty, brings them to Los Angeles with the purpose of confronting their designer Eldon Tyrell (Joe Turkel), with their unhappiness about the brevity of their four-year life span. In the course of his search, Deckard becomes romantically involved with Tyrell's lovely assistant, Rachael (Sean Young), and must eventually confront Batty in an unforgettable rain-soaked sequence.
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