Museum gallery 4

Explorations and discoveries

The first prototype of the Kala De astronomical earth type planet detector

Prototype of Kale De planet detector

Buried monolith discovery in Antarctica

Buried monolith discovered in Antarctica

A few remains of the Hadron collider that were unearthed after the Graet War

Remains of old Hadron collider

Search for precious metals on the frozen wastes of Pelucijara

Search for precious metals on Pelucijara

Matter transfer research lab

Alien life on Benjara Horsk first contact

Testing facility for the new hyperspeed engine parts

Testing facility for hyperspeed engine parts

Monument to a lost civilisation that existed sixty thousand millenia ago

Monument to a lost civilisation

Experimental lab on Akalantor for testing level 6 malfunctioning android animals

Experimental lab on Akalantor

Discovery of a previous intelligent civilisation that existed on Earth 10,000 years bc

Discovery of ancient civilisation from 10,000 BC

Discovery of underwater creatures on Trebo that have an indefinite lifespan

Discovery of creatures with indefinite lifespan

New submersible donated by the Earth Council to Trebo for underwater exploration

Submersible for underwater exploration on Trebo

Ancient alien spacecraft that was mysteriously re-activated and surfaced in the sea of Billapos on Aklantor

Ancient alien spacecraft that resurfaced on Akalantor

The twisted remains of the mining facility near Pretoria in South Africa - pre-war 2071 ad

Remains of mining facility found near Pretoria

First exploration team to reach Nandra Portus - the outermost planet of the galaxy

First exploration team to reach Nandra Portus