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History of the Museum

The original conception of the museum came about due to the enormous amount of interest that was shown in the archeological findings of Professor Benjamin Carlton Harred in 2976 A.D.

It was Professor Harred who discovered the underground vault of the Earth-based American Library of 20th Century Media which was thought to be destroyed in the great San Francisco Earthquake of 2073 shortly followed by the Great War of 2074.

During and prior to this period, when space travel was confined to our own solar system, many forward-thinking scientists, artists and visionaries in various fields of expertise were to show a great awareness of the possibilities of space exploration, robotics and genetic engineering as well as many other specialised fields.

Now, as we look back from the year 3008, we can appreciate the imagination that these early pioneers have shown in their outstanding works of art, science and technology.

A few of the pieces which have been recovered include such items as a number of ancient videodisks and tapes of factual documented events, as well as a fine collection of paintings and digital artwork.

Unfortunately, many of these original findings are not available for public viewing at the present time, as they are currently undergoing restoration to bring them back to pristine condition. However, a selection of the best artwork discovered is now on display, as well as a number of other items which have now been restored for public viewing. Some items have been set aside for reproduction on a limited basis and may become available from time to time through the museum shop.

We also have artwork from more recent times including an exhibition of paintings and digital images of places and events of historical interest that have occurred on Earth and throughout the galaxy.

The exhibition galleries

The main three sections of the museum are composed of the Main Hall which displays our permanent exhibition 'Worlds of the Federation' and The Galleries which houses a selection of artwork and digital images from the past and the present produced by selected artists and photographers.

We also have a Museum Shop where you can purchase various goods which have been selected for their content in relation to the current topics and theme of the Museum.

Museum floorplan

Helping us keep the Museum running

Any purchases made through the museum shop product links or through the banners on display will help alleviate the associated running costs of the Museum and its acquisitions. These purchases provide us with a small commission which does not affect the price you pay. All contributions are much appreciated. Click this link or the banner below.