Worlds of the Federation

These are the Worlds of the Federation who have signed the intergalactic peace treaty. You can visit each world by clicking on the planet or the name of the planet below each description and view pictures of their inhabitants, cities and landscapes.


Belvador, home to the United Central Council of Federated Worlds and founders of the Federation. Over three millennia have passed since the founding of the Federation. Since those early days, which began with just a handful of worlds joining the alliance, over one hundred and thirty more worlds have become members. The vast majority of member worlds however do not have the capabilities of interstellar travel, as do the members listed in this document.

The Federation has a duty to protect all members against any unlawful invasion or conflicts which would threaten the stability of those that have joined the Federation and agree to abide by their laws. There are many opponents of the federation in the galaxy that have not signed up to the peace treaty. Inevitably, conflicts often arise between the Federation and its enemies who seek to conquer and destroy civilisations who have sworn to defend the peace treaty no matter what the circumstances. This puts a number of outlying member worlds at risk, especially those with limited military defense systems.

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Though technologically speaking, Cordiscan is a relatively underdeveloped world in comparison with most worlds of the Federation. It boasts no less than five highly developed intelligent species, whose often violent history explains their fortified architecture. But this is also partly due out of necessity to protect themselves from many of the other more dangerous lifeforms which inhabit their world.

With over three billion species, many of which grow immensely in size, such as the deadly giant Divaracoss eel, Cordiscan is a world full of life and character, but cities are few and far between. However, this is expected to change, as recent developments in their transportation systems, including space travel, have significantly advanced over the last century. As the newest member to the Federation, they are expected to make rapid progress within the next century to reach a level of technological advancement that is closer to those of its alliance members.

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Terra IV

Terra IV is largely uninhabited, save for a few million settlers and miners who work for the Dingle Corporation. This privately owned company, passed down through ten generations of one of the wealthiest and highly respected families in the Dargoon system, laid claim to this rocky wasteland when it was discovered to contain trace minerals of tutronium, one of the hardest substances in the known universe. Terra IV however is mostly unexplored, and is rarely visited by outsiders except for the annual speeder race.

After negotiations with the Dingle Corporation prior to the 100th anniversary of the Cunarium Intergalactic Games, Terra IV became the prime location for the insanely popular ‘All Comers Independant Speeder Race’ which is open to qualifying entrants from all members of the alliance of federated worlds.
This incredibly exciting event, lasting over 3 days of non-stop exhilarating action is one of the true highlights of the games, and an unmissable event..

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Capital city is the largest city on Akalantor and home to the Amalgamated Trade Centre of federated worlds and associated bodies.

Located in one of the busiest commercial sectors in the galaxy, Capital city has recently been chosen to hold the latest ‘Worlds of the Federation Peace Conference’, intended to maintain peace and stability throughout the galaxy.

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Recent events on Madagon and it`s nearest neighbour Dega Prime are causing grave concern for members of the Federation, and the latest incident involving the despatch of armed forces to the Corella region, will be high on the agenda. High priority negotiations will be carried out as soon as possible to ensure the peace treaty is not broken and prevent an all-out war between these two highly technologically advanced worlds.

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One of the original founding members of the Federation, Madagon is a world full of technological marvels. Interstellar travel was only made possible through the ambitious efforts and successful scientific developments funded by the Madagonian government. Now, with interstellar travel commonplace throughout the galactic community, other worlds have caught up with Madagon`s technology, but few have remained as firmly in control. On many worlds organised crime has quickly taken advantage of these new innovations.

Madagon however, still has one of the most powerful armed forces in the Federation. On many occasions the Madagon government has flexed it`s muscles during various confrontations with non-conforming worlds who have threatened the stability of the galaxy. Unfortunately, Madagon`s nearest neighbour Dega Prime has rapidly developed it`s own, equally powerful armed force and is not averse to testing the patience of the once almighty Madagon government.

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Dega Prime

Within the space of 120 years, Dega Prime has trebled it`s military strength and become a force to be reckoned with. History tells us that Degans are a proud race and don`t always conform readily to the strict rules of the Federation alliance. Their volatile relationship with the Madagon civilisation often results in military skirmishes which contravene the peace initiative. Worries over these increasingly regular clashes are causing concern throughout the galaxy.

Dega Primes’ natural resources are beginning to run low, while their population almost doubles each century. Being a relatively small world, about half the size of Earth, it’s scientists believe that within 50 years there won’t be enough food or living space to sustain it’s inhabitants. Having no moons or developing off-world colonies to speak of, many people are prophesising that the Degans are ready to strike out and rock the cradle of peace in an all out effort to survive.

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Earth is a relative newcomer to the United Worlds Federation. Being situated on the outer rim of the galaxy, over 300 years of space travel had passed before first contact was made, and another 100 years before Earth joined the federation. Now, using highly advanced technology and physics, faster than light travel has become a reality. Galactic exploration, as well as regular flights to other worlds, is now a way of life for the World Space Corps and the larger independent space travel corporations such as IST and World Spaceways.

Since the Great War of 2074, and the resulting peace amongst nations that followed, Earth has seen huge social and technological changes. The World Peace Conference of 2100 finally brought about the historical Unification of Nations legislation which has remained in effect to this very day. Without the combined United Nations of Earth ruling under one central government, Earth would not be the safe and powerful world it has now become. Now, in the year 2479 A.D. Starbase Fortuna is the new central headquarters for communications and operations to the World Space Corps on Earth and has a multitude of colony bases and space stations situated throughout the galaxy.

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Vildegraad is a world steeped in regal history. Ruled with a firm hand by the Emperor and his senate committee, Vildegraad has remained one of the most law-abiding worlds in the galaxy. The Vildegans are a highly intelligent peaceful race with a universally well known reputation for fairness and integrity. Many of the greatest academic, scientific and creative minds in the history of the Federation have come from Vildegraad and joined the Supreme Council to share their wisdom and creative genius.

‘Tazar`s Palace’ is the main residence of the Supreme Emperor of Vildegraad and one of the most stunning homes that are part of his vast estate. There are many wonderful examples of neo-romantic architecture in Alamontania, the major capital city on Vildegraad. The interiors of these wonderful creations are equally impressive and attract millions of visitors each year, which now makes tourism one of the main sources of income for the inhabitants of Vildegraad.

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Skelbador is a waterworld with only five per cent land mass which consist mainly of small islands. However, a large number of underwater cities have been built around Skelbador and only a relatively small number of fishing communities inhabit the ground based towns and villages. Fishing is the only major industry on Skelbador and primarily involves the processing, preserving, storing, transporting, marketing, and the selling of fish and related saltwater products. Interstellar trade within the federated worlds provides the inhabitants of Skelbador with a stable and lucrative economy.

The developing world of Skelbador was mainly due to the discovery and the following migration of Belvadorians in their third millenia of interstellar travel to colonise this newly discovered world. The aquaphilic lifestyle was immensely appealing to many inhabitants of Belvador, where the planet has very few lakes and seas in comparison to most worlds. Hence the large influx of Belvadorians.

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Trebo, though densely populated within it`s mile high global city structures, is predominantly swampland. A popular tourist destination, Trebo is a world of outstanding natural beauty. It`s also home to an exceptional range of wildlife, the majority of which inhabit the swamplands. Some of these areas are under preservation and have become protected areas for rare species. But there are also many areas of unexplored terrain, and within those area there exist an undisclosed number of dangerous creatures, as well as indigenous people who are rarely seen, but known to exist.

Although the major cities on Trebo are home to millions of highly advanced people that have developed a huge complex of habitation structures and diverse industries, the swamplands continue to remain relatively underdeveloped, which provides a stark contrast to their cities. But the swamplands are also popular locations for adventurous holidaymakers. A highly profitable trade in tourism has built up around some of these areas, with regular guided trips available to a number of destinations. The vast array of exotic plant life provides a stunning canvass and endless fascination to visitors, particularly artists, educational groups and botanists.

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